Canvas Quizzes - Using Rubrics with Quizzes

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I have students complete short open-book quizzes each week.  They either earn full points (2 points) or no points as part of a homework grade.  To earn full points, they must get a certain number correct (e.g., 75%) and complete the quiz by the deadline.  I had hoped to find a way to automate the points translation (2 points or 0 points), but I've been told that's not possible. 

I received a workaround suggestion to create a simple rubric with one criterion and either 2 points or 0 points and then go through each quiz applying the rubric.  Ultimately, I'm not sure it's worth the time (versus just exporting the gradebook and modifying in Excel), but I thought I'd try it since I'd like students to be able to see their actual homework point totals in Canvas.  So, I set up a rubric and tried it out on a test student.  But the gradebook still shows the quiz score based on questions correct rather than the rubric score. 

What do I need to do to have the rubric feed the gradebook?  (Note: I do want students to still be able to see how many questions they missed in the quiz.)

Also, is there a better way to achieve my goal?