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I am working with our IT admin on a project, and think this might be the right place to ask it.

We’ve had our Teams integration (sidebar access) disabled in Canvas since we started using it because our college still uses Exchange 2013 for our email backend, and that kind of broke things when we turned it on. I’ve been working with them to finally migrate the college over to Exchange Online, so we can finally enable it. Problem is, we can’t seem to enable it on our test build and other sandboxes, only in the live version. Is there somewhere we could go to test out the various integrations before we enable them in Canvas? Like a semi-public dev site that we could link to a 365 account?

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Hello @cameron_redsell 

Thanks for posting this in the Community! 

This is a great question! I know that most LTI's will not work in the Test and Beta environments. This is because they are often only configured for the production environment. (See HERE and HERE

You could speak with your CSM and see if they are able to configure that specific LTI to work in your Test and Beta environments so you could test it out. 

Hopefully this helps! 


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