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So my classes are starting soon, and one of my professors told the class to start reading the Introductory Module, but I don't see that section on Canvas on my laptop or on my phone. Besides that my courses aren't showing when I click the Courses section unless I click "All Courses", and when I click on it it just says "Future Enrollments" and it doesn't let me "favor" them when I try to click the star. Once again I'm not sure if it just says that because classes haven't started yet but they start in two days, and I am getting very anxious because of this.

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Hello there, @likm2203 …

In addition to the information that you received from @SusanNiemeyer, it is true that you cannot favorite (star) courses that are listed under “Future Enrollments” and courses that are not active.  There are two separate statements in the following Guide, How do I customize my Courses list as a student? - Instructure Community, that confirm this:

  • “You can only favorite active courses.” (found under the “Manage Courses” heading)
  • “Future and past enrollments also cannot be favorited.” (found under the “View Unpublished Courses” heading)

More than likely, your course also has a start and end date assigned to it.  (You wouldn’t be able to see this on your end, but your instructor would.) Once your course hits that start date, it will move up from the “Future Enrollments” heading to somewhere near the top of your screen.  Your instructor will still need to “publish” the course for you and your classmates.  When an instructor publishes a course, that means the instructor is ready to open up the course for you and your classmates to access the content.  On your “Courses” >> “All Courses” screen, you can always tell if a course is published or not.  How do I view all my Canvas courses as a student? - Instructure Community

I hope this extra bit of information will be of some help to you.  Good luck to you with your coursework this semester!

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