Canvas and links within Articulate Rise modules

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When working with multiple sections of the same course, we created "course shells" within Canvas for each course and only gave access to the subject matter expert (who was not the same as the faculty/instructor). We only created one weekly Rise module for each course and then uploaded it to the Canvas "course shell". Then a coordinator would copy the "course shell" contents to a Canvas course site for each section and only grant access to the faculty/instructor for that section. Within the Rise module, we had links to activities that were saved in the Files of the Canvas "course shell." When the faculty/instructor tries to access the links to Canvas files within the Rise course, they receive a message "Access Denied". They can view the Rise modules, but they are unable to open the links within the Rise module. The Rise modules are uploaded to the Canvas "course shell" using SCORM if that matters. Has anyone experienced this? How did you resolve it? Thanks in advance for your help!

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