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Canvas feature that will be helpful to students

Why can't Canvas allow the individual students to view their individual Activity record through the People tab just as they are able to view their individual scores through the Gradebook?

If this feature is provided, I won't have to be copying and pasting from the People tab to share Activity updates with students.

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Hello @BenedictIlozor

Which report are you trying to get the students to see themselves exactly - Last activity (accumulated time spent in the course) or more specific analytics like student reports?

Either one doesn't currently have a built in feature for students to see their own analytics and overview of time in the course as it can provide specific information many teachers wouldn't want shared with their students. Unfortunately, if you want to give students access to their own course data you'd need to continue what you're doing or generate csv exports but that generally would include data on all of the students and not specific to the user. Hopefully this helps.