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How do I view a summary of all my student interactions in a course?

How do I view a summary of all my student interactions in a course?

The Student Interactions Report allows you to see and evaluate the interactions between you and those enrolled in your course. You can access this information from the Grades page in Course Navigation or the People page for a specific course.

Interactions are recorded when you contact the student via Conversations or when you leave a comment on an assignment.

Open Grades

In the Dashboard sidebar, click the View Grades button.

Open Student Interactions Report

Open Student Interactions Report

Locate the course and click the Student Interactions Report link.

Open People

Open People

You can also access the report in People. In Course Navigation, click the People link.

Open Student Interactions Report

In the Options drop-down menu [1], click the Student Interactions Report link [2].

View Student Interactions Report

The Student Interactions Report lists the students in your course [1], the last time you interacted with them [2], the current grade for a student [3], the final grade for a student [4], and if there are any submitted but ungraded assignments for the student [5]. You can also send a message to a student by clicking the message icon [6]. To sort the columns, click the arrows at the top of the columns [7].


What's the difference between current score and final score?

Hi @NicLSim,

Please view this Q&A post for a great explanation on this from one of our Canvas coaches!


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