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Canvas features that can support as organization Training tool?

<Attn: canvas developer community>

Our client is planning to purchase canvas LMS for using as organization(corporate) training tool by  using the features available in it and building a wrapper using API for the rest of the requirement.

They are planning to use Course, module, assignment, and quiz feature.

Requirement is to create employee level learning program using a set of related courses. Employees should be able to enroll or managers should be able to add employees on the program.

Structure wise program = {Set of Course }

I have questions below that.

 1.      Courses need to be a generic list which organizational manager is able to pick from to create his customized program.

2. Managers should be able to enroll employees into specific programs.

3. Manager should be able to track the progress.

4. Also, if there are multiple organizations, which will be the best approach.

5. Create a separate instance of Canvas for individual organization Or create a subsection per organization.


Can canvas LMS support the above feature, as else will need to build that outside Canvas as a wrapper using API’s.

We want to leverage knowledge of  similar case study if exists.  Any advice is appreciated. 

Sorry to post too many clarifications in one question

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