Canvas for Elementary: Observer's View of Missing Assignments

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As a Canvas Admin, I am exploring and testing out the Canvas for Elementary to determine if it would meet our needs. I have a student who has missing work which is prominently displayed on Course/Subject card.

Student ViewStudent View


When the Observer of the student is logged in and looking at the same Course/Subject card, the missing work notice is not displayed.

Parent ViewParent View


Is this how it is supposed to operate for Observers? Or should the Observer being seeing a Course/Subject card identical to the student?

When reading the Canvas Guide for Observers, it says they can view "assignments due today, missing assignments, or subject announcements", but based on the student and observer I was viewing this was not the case. 

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

This change is in beta now, and it will be in production on December 15.



Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-12-15) - Instructure Community


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