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I have set my notifications to receive Announcements and Discussions but am not receiving them. I also see other groups discussions (in addition to my year's group discussion) in my "Discussion" page when I click on it. Can someone from Canvas please reset or change the issue. Thanks

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HI  @sonia_cymbalak_  and welcome to the Community!  Someone here may have additional suggestions, but I work with students and faculty at my institution, and if an individual came to me with your problem I would first be using the admin tools in Canvas to look at your account and the course to see what may be happening.  Since no one here in the Community has these rights to your account, your best best may be to contact Canvas Support directly (see 

How do I get help with Canvas as a student? or How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?). Support is able to dig a bit deeper in to how your settings are configured and what may be happening.

I hope this helps and best wishes! 

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