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I am assisting with the implementation of Canvas into my employer's institution, which is a healthcare organization. I am curious how others in similar settings have structured their Canvas layout (i.e. content layout, timelines, expectations, etc.)?


One challenge is finding a system that works effectively for new employees as they are hired at different intervals throughout the year, as it isn't very feasible to follow the "semester" or "quarter" model that students follow.


Any ideas/guidance would be appreciated!

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Hi @AmyF_SaadHC ,

I don't work in the healthcare industry or know much about your needs, but I can share that Canvas does not come with quarters, semesters, or other academic terms built into it. Those have to be set by the administrators at the institution. It is possible to have an open-ended Canvas course that allows for rolling enrollment. Whether Canvas will work well for you really depends on your needs and what you need to do with it.

Just about any organization benefits from building its Canvas course(s) around Modules, so you may want to start with the Canvas Guides to learn about how Modules work and whether that structure would suit your needs. 

You might want to pay special attention to Prerequisites and Requirements because those allow the "Teacher" in the course to control access to content. It is one way to ensure that new members start at the beginning and work in order.

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