Canvas keeps bringing up a link while doing a text-based assignment

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My professor gave us an assignment to do, watch a youtube video through a link on the assignment and then answer the questions. First, the video did not work in the window on Canvas which was fine, I went to YouTube with the link and watched it. But coming back was the issue. As I wrote, it kept bringing up "" which I copied and pasted right there. As a student, it is very annoying trying to write when this browser keeps pulling me away from my assignment to a blank page that only says the video's title, like the window is trying to work but it's a bad link. It's odd because it only happened as I write and this is the first time. I tried closing them and ignoring it, but it's difficult for a 300 word minimum and I keep getting pulled away every few words. I made sure I was not clicking on anything, moved my mouse as well. This seems to be just a really niche issue as I've never had this issue before nor saw anything similar to it.

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