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Canvas student page displaying incorrectly

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I am a student currently trying to view one of my teacher's announcements, but when I logged on today I experienced this issue here where the page only displaces HTML and nothing else. Links work, however it shows a similar type of display; Large images, basic HTML buttons, standard text, and no courses. I don't really think I can take it up with a tech support person in my school district at the moment since it is a break day, however, I've tried troubleshooting it the standard ways. I cleared my cache, I've restarted my computer and the browser, I've made sure everything is up to date, I've disabled all the chrome extensions that are active on the page, no other applications are open at this time. I use a Mac computer, Mac Big Sur to be specific in the operating system, and chrome v95.0 for chrome. Could somebody maybe help me fix this issue?

I don't think there were any steps needed to replicate this bug, the status page says things are all operational, and it seems to be just a me problem. If no response comes then, I'll just bring it to a tech to help me.

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Hi there, @Breadma5 ...

You may also want to check out this blog post called What to do when Canvas looks 'big' or 'zoomed in'!  You may get some ideas of how this can be resolved on your computer.  Keep Community members posted on your progress...thanks!

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