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One of my courses (only one) will not change the language from Spanish to English. I have done everything I can think of to fix this--restart Canvas, browser, computer; clear cookies, history, browser settings.

It's happening on both of my classroom computers--laptop and desktop connected to projector. So I'm assuming it is a Canvas issue, not a user computer issue.

Help! I need to reset to English labels.

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If you are a student in the class, the instructor of the class has the option to set the course to display in a particular language, and this setting overrides students' personal language settings.  Most often this is done in foreign language classes.   You will want to ask the instructor if they have set the course to use Spanish as the display language for the class.

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I feel so stupid. After letting this rest over a weekend, I logged in today and realized there are TWO Settings buttons--one for the main user login and one for EACH class. Yes, I am guilty of the basic error of not scrolling down, lol. Once I did in my specific course, I was able to see the settings navigation on the left and make the language change.

This explains why the language change to Spanish was happening for only one of my four classes.

I hope this helps someone else avoid the stress I caused myself!

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