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Cap on Assignments?

Based on what I have read, it seems as though there is no limit on the maximum number of assignments within a course, but it rather depends on the file storage available. For this course, the file storage is set at 3000 megabytes. I am working on a research study and am planning on having around 900 assignments, each with a Qualtrics survey embedded. Nothing will be submitted on these assignments, as they are just being used as a way for participants to access individualized Qualtrics links. My question is, do you think this would exceed our given file storage and potentially overwhelm Canvas?

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You should be fine. If the Qualtrics survey is embedded (and thus accessing the survey being hosted on their end), then the impact on your Canvas file storage is minimal. Likely in the low range of KBs of data if all the page is hosting is the embedded code. You essentially have 3 GBs of storage. It would required approximately 3.33 MBs per page for you to hit that limit. Usually, the files that eat up the most of that storage space is either media, PowerPoints, or specialized files that need to be provided to students (for example, sample programs in a Computer Science curriculum). 

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