Central quiz for course completion and feedback

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The Background

The simplest way we've found of knowing if a course is complete is having a quiz at the end of a course. This way we can easily view grades to see who has done the final quiz and therefore completed. 

We thought this quiz could double up, for being course completion marker and it could also be used to get feedback about our courses. 


Our issue

So we created a quiz in a Blueprint and we were going to sync that to the end of all courses. This way we'd have only one place to update any questions and I thought the answers would be recorded to the blueprint.

This was wrong and the results get recorded to each course. This would then be tricky in collecting all that feedback data.


The Question

Is there any way to have a single quiz that appears in multiple places and the reports are in a single place?

Ideally the learner would be kept in Canvas and the number of pages kept to a minimum. As it's tricky enough to get course feedback from our courses that are open to the public.

I realise maybe Google or Microsoft forms might have to be used but it's a pity they can't been embedded on a Canvas quiz. I can embed them on an assignment but can't find a way to record that in grades that doesn't involve the learner uploading other content.

Any ideas welcome!


Sorry for my ramblings, I hope that all makes sense. 



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