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Change multiple students from inactive to active


I am in a situation where a very large quantity of students in my course have changed status to "Inactive". I would like to change their status back to active, but I only seem to be able to this for one student at a time by clicking them one by one and re-activating them.

Is there any specific reason why these have suddenly changed status?
Is there a way for me to select multiple (preferably all) students and change their status all at once?

Thanks in advance,

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Good morning, @axel-k ...

I would suggest that you reach out to your school's Canvas administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning / eLearning / Distance Education department about this issue.  They should be able to help you determine why your students were set to inactive in your course.  They would also probably be able to change the status of these students in a batch upload process via SIS import (something that Canvas admins have access to...and not instructors).  Since Canvas Community members do not have access to your school's Canvas environment or your course(s), it would be difficult for us to determine exactly why this happened.  Speaking with folks at your school would be the best option here.  Good luck as you have these conversations!