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I'm having a hard time following discussion threads in the "new" format.  Are there ways, in the inline view, to:

  1. show some kind of divider between individual posts in a thread?
  2. show a connection between threaded posts?

In the "legacy" discussions format, each individual post showed in it's own box, and the posts in a thread displayed with boxes connected.  In the new format, there's nothing to visually separate posts or connect posts in a thread, as far as I can tell.  But I'd love someone to tell me I'm just missing a setting I can change.

If there's not a way to make the discussions display in a way that works for me, I'm very much looking at abandoning Canvas altogether, despite the workload shifting away would create.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @cmuir 

Unfortunately, in the discussion redesign, the threaded responses are shown by an indent. There is no longer a box showing the responses' separation., I recommend submitting an idea for better readability of the threaded replies.

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