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Changing the formatting for Headings 1-4 within our course page

Hi there
Wanted to know if there was a way we can change the preset fonts and colours within the Headings 1-4 within our course pages so they can align more with our organisation (rather than having to change them each time we are creating content)?



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Hello @LisaGrinling 

From the Rich Content Editor, you can definitely modify the Text style of the headings, as well as edit the color of the text. It also allows you to enter in custom RGB color codes if you need. 

There is not a way to edit the default settings for the RCE headers when users setup pages, from what I can see. It might be possible to do this with Custom CSS. Custom CSS can be a bit tricky, unless you know what you are doing when you create it. 


Hopefully this helps! 



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Thanks Colton, appreciate your email.  We are however, seeking a way to edit the default settings to Heading styles rather than having to do this in each course page.  Will look into the custom CSS option thank you.