Checking for assignment upload attempts?

Community Participant

I graded an assignment (file upload) today and released the grades. Only one student did not submit the assignment. She claims that she thought she had successfully uploaded her paper on time, but only realized that the upload did not "go through" when she saw a score of 0 in Grades. She submitted the assignment today (several days late).

I'd feel more comfortable accepting her late work if I had corroborating evidence, so I'd like to know if New Analytics (or anything else on Canvas) offers information that would do this. Do attempts to submit an assignment (upload a file, in this case) register anywhere on Canvas that I can access?

Re: Participations in New Analytics. I remember reading that New Analytics "participations" do not include file uploads. I was disappointed to learn this...but OK, at least I know that now. But then I looked at the data and noticed that almost all students did, in fact, have a "participation" noted for this assignment. So, what is being recorded, if not the file upload? There is no other way to complete this assignment. And it was even more confusing that some of the students who completed the assignment on time did not have a "participation" noted, along with the student who claims her original upload "didn't go through." What do those students have in common, from the perspective of New Analytics?