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I have an Honors English IV class that is going to be online. I would like to 1) have a contract grading system where students choose the assignments and reading selections they would like to do to earn a certain grade; Assignments would be given different point values and a student would have to choose assignments based on rigor which would be defined by the point value and the grade they've decided they've wanted to earn in the course; 2) I would like to create choice options for assignments and reading materials.

I've seen the hack with mastery paths for creating a choice of reading materials, but can I do this with assignments without having to go and exempt students from assignments they didn't choose because they only want to do assignments for the C or B grade, not the A. How would I be able to translate this to PowerSchool? As only a final grade and keep the grade book solely in Canvas?

I think the glitch is going to come from the grade assigned to assignments if not all the assignments are scored as 100.

Thanks for your help!

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Hello @chris_capen

I think that Mastery Paths would be a good option for you. When students are assigned a certain path that you set up, they are only assigned to those assignments. So you wouldn't have to excuse them from the assignments that are not on their path because they would be assigned to those assignments. Furthermore, I don't think that it would affect your syncing ability in PowerSchool because their grade should be dependent upon their path. 

Here is a guide that should explain its usage better.

Here is also a very good video guide.


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