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Citing Canvas Images for publication

I am writing my dissertation and want to use images of my own Canvas course.  For example, when I talk about submission type, I took a screen shot of that part of my assignment.  How do I attribute the image? Am I allowed to use such images?  Thanks.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Christine,

Thank you for bringing your question to the community.  The answer depends...  Instructure does not claim any ownership of the content that users choose to add to Canvas.  As far as using screenshots, etc from your own course, that are no limitations as far as Instructure is concerned.  If you want to use screenshots, etc from a course owned by another person or institution you would need to seek their permission.  As far as how to format a citation, my personal advice would be to cite a course like you would a website with, if you can, author, publish date, etc.  

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