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Is there a way for me to place clickable check boxes into the Canvas rich content editor so that students can "check" a list item as they complete it? We want all pre-session materials to be linked in one page for one session, and students will find it very useful to be able to check off each material as it is completed. I have tried using html code, and it does not work. 

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Community Coach

Hey, @JordanFinn !

Thanks for posting on the Instructure Community.

To my knowledge, it is currently not possible to create clickable check boxes utilizing the Canvas RCE.

I also wanted to mention that it appears Canvas only lets specific HTML code work, probably for security and performance reasons. That is something I've noticed myself in the past.


However, if anyone else seeing this is willing to share their solutions to this question, please feel more than welcome to share! We'd love to hear them.


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Community Coach

Hi @JordanFinn and @NoahBoswell 

This may be of some help?

I use to create lists for my students to use. It has a feature that allows you to embed the list on a page and a running completion bar. What's more, you get confetti when you complete the list and a pop-up message (which I have used in the past as part of a Treasure Hunt game).

Completion of the list does not do anything magic inside of Canvas but, there is an option to allow students to return to where they were last at when they return to the page which is pretty cool!

I wanted to see if I could do it with ChatGPT. After a bit of arguing, we made this sort of checklist that does most of the stuff of interactlist. I managed to embed it in a Canvas page using iframegenerator and uploading the original list to the course:


Here is a blog post about it - Creating Embedded Task Checklists with ChatGPT - Instructure Community - 607125 (


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