Combining questions from different quizzes into new bank

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This semester I created Fall Exam 1 (containing six Question Groups) and Fall Exam 2 (also containing six Question Groups). Some of the questions on the exam came from previous quizzes, some from question banks, and some I wrote from scratch. The new questions all seemed to go into an Unfiled Question Bank, while the remaining questions I think are scattered among the previous locations.

1) I want to combine Fall Exam 1 and and Fall Exam 2 into one, comprehensive Final Exam (with twelve Question Groups). How can I do this?

2) Feedback from the students indicated they would have preferred more frequent exams, each covering fewer chapters. For the Spring semester, I would like to use the first four question groups from Fall Exam 1 to create the new Spring Exam 1 (containing four Question Groups), use the remaining two question groups from Fall Exam 1 and the first two question groups from Fall Exam 2 to create the Spring Exam 2 (containing four Question Groups), and the remaining four question groups from Exam 2 to create the Spring Exam 3 (also containing four Question Groups). The method may be the same as above, but in case it's not I wanted to ask how this can be done.



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for clear, easy instructions on exporting a quiz not in an item bank and then importing that quiz into an item bank in another course.

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