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Complete/Incomplete issues?

Before my students went on spring break 3/13, I was able to use complete/incomplete just fine.  Students would submit their work and it would turn in and it would be ungraded in my gradebook, waiting for me to grade.  Now, I just assigned my first assignment using complete/incomplete yesterday 4/8 and for students who made submissions it automatically went into my gradebook as a 0, incomplete, no matter what they submitted. The assignment is set up exactly the same as my previous assignments because I had prepared it in the same manner and at the same time as my other assignments before spring break. 

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Hi,  @svance . I have a few questions before I would feel comfortable venturing a guess as to why this might be happening. What type of assignment is this? Can you share the assignment details with us in a screenshot or series or screenshots? Do you have any late policies set up in your course (How do I apply a Late Submission policy in the Gradebook?)? 

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Hi awilliams.  Thank you so much for replying to my inquiries.  I have been using complete/incomplete all semester, and I had been using the submission prior to our extended spring break. I created this particular group of assignments at the same time, and then just changed the due date to reflect when we returned.

This is what my gradebook late policy looks like.  It's taking submissions and automatically giving them a grade of incomplete and therefore zero before I have a chance to do anything to them. However I have students that are turning in makeup work to previous assignments and they are going into my gradebook as --, waiting just fine for me to grade them.  


The assignment when it was given in March


The assignment that was originally scheduled for march but was given in April.