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Conference security?

Are there extra layers of security in Conferences to eliminate hackers?  I had someone hack my conference yesterday (ghosting a student's account and posting in the shared notes area) and post profanity.  Ways I can send a password or manually allow students in to manage this problem?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, gtviscross...

I am not sure of an answer for you, but I am going to tag  @ffdixon ‌ in hopes that he will be able to provide some information for you on security in BigBlueButton.

Community Champion

Hi Tammi,

I am the product manager for BigBlueButton. While I work at Blindside Networks, the company that provides hosting for Canvas Conferences to Instructure, and therefore can't speak on behalf of Instructure, I can respond to your question.

Users need to have logged in through Canvas to enter a conference.  Can you be more specific on what you mean by "ghosting a student's account".  

Are you using Personal Rooms or another way way to allow students to join a session?

Regards,.. Fred


BigBlueButton developer

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I do have two instructors claiming that someone is creating and starting conferences in their courses, I am trying to investigate this issue, is there any loop whole Big Blue button conferences has where this could be possible? you can reply me on