Copy Modules: assignment links not found

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I teach 6 sections of the same course. I have a simple format: each day, a page will unlock for the students: Monday for Monday, Tuesday, etc. Inside each page, there is a rundown of what we are doing that day. Introductory activities are linked within the course. I have external links to activities as well. However: when I copy my module to my other courses, only the link to the internal assignments are not found ("Whoops! Page not found") but all my other links are fine. I have to go to my assignments on my original source course and copy each assignment separately to each course (I have to do this TWENTY FIVE TIMES in order to get them all. THEN I can go through each page I copied over and ensure the link to the assignment works. 

Here are my questions: 

Is there a way to "batch copy" assignments? ALSO: Is there a way to copy my modules over WITH the assignment links intact?