Copy and Pasting from Word to RCE -- 600 Line Code and Other Formatting Issues

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This morning, my entire team noticed that pasting anything from a Word doc -- even a newly opened one -- is causing a few odd things to happen to the code in the RCE and the look of the object itself. 

  1. A 600-700 line of code is appearing in the HTML editor (attached as "CodeSnippetCanvas")
  2. Styles, formatting, and other odd span tags are appearing when content is pasted from Word, even when this styling is applied to the heading style itself and not manually added to the Word doc. This did not used to happen. (attached as "UglyFontCanvas" and "UglyFontCanvasCode")

This has some major implications for not only uniformity, but more severely, accessibility. Our team was very appreciative that Canvas made it somewhat difficult to paste in unnecessary style and keep things in a uniform Canvas style, since it left the code relatively clean. I hope this is something they fix; I saw that they rolled out RCE updates on 12/7... I know the workarounds like the RCE's clear formatting button and pasting as plain text, but those seem to be bandages for a tool that worked mostly fine up until yesterday.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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