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Copying links from one Canvass course to another

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I have recently finished a course with lots of material posted on Canvass, primarily from YouTube. I am now about to repeat the course. Is there an easy way to just transfer the You Tube and website material from the old course to the new ? Or do I have to laboriously find each link and paste it as new ?

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If you have permissions as an instructor, you should be able to copy the course forward with the links intact. There won't be a need to retrieve a new link unless the original link becomes a dead link.

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Hi @JamesChrystie,

From your new course shell, you can follow the How do I copy content from another Canvas course u... - Instructure Community guide, which can get all or select parts of your old course content into your new one.  It should really be a pretty quick and painless process.


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