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I have a teacher who wants to reuse Rubrics but would like to make edits without impacting the original rubric. However, there is no copy rubric feature unless you've used the rubric in 2 or more assignments. Is there a way to copy rubrics so that teachers can make changes, even if they've only used the original rubric one time?

Thank you!

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HI @cannaday_ra ...

If I am understanding your question correctly, you should be able to use the Course Import Tool (this is in your course "Settings" screen) to make duplicates of rubrics in your course.  Within your course, follow these directions:

How do I select specific content as part of a course import?

When you get to the part about choosing a course to import content from, just find or input the same course that you're already in.  You'll probably get some kind of message letting you know that you've chosen the same course that you're already in, but that's perfectly o.k. in this case.  Then, when it comes time to selecting the items to import, find the row for Rubrics, and then you should be able to select specific rubrics within that category.  Once the import is done, you can go to your "Rubrics" screen, and there should be duplicates there waiting for you.

Hope this helps a bit!  Sing out if you have any other questions...thanks!

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