Create CVS file for Math Quiz Questions with Random Numbers

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Hi everyone,

Is there a way I can create a cvs file that has random numbers for variables a, b, c, and d? These numbers are then used in create other numbers A, B , and C. Then create the question: Solve `A`x^2 + `B`x + `C` =0.

A = a*c

B = b*c + a*d

C = b*d


If so, what's needs to be in which column of the CVS file?

Thanks in advance for any help,


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Hi Tyler, 

In this instance, you could possibly setup a .xlsx file to be this way, but I'm not sure about a .csv file, however that would be a bit outside of this forums specialty. I would recommend looking more into RAND and the offerings from Excel or similar products, like in this Microsoft guide -, as this guide seems to be in the ballpark of what you're wanting to do.

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