Create a Canvas Page only one student can see.

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I would like to be able to create an html page within canvas that is specific to each student. 

For example, for each day, and for each student, I collect the total points they have in the class. For each student, I make a line graph that plots this data over time. I would like it if each student could click on a link that takes them to a canvas page that only they can see. Currently, I don't see a way to post each students graph on Canvas so that only the student whose graph it is can see it. (My solution now is to email it, which has its issues) 

Is there way for me to create a canvas page for each student but have it so that a student can only see their page that has been created? 

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Have you considered using ungraded assignments and assign each to a different student (Assign an assignment to an individual student)? You could either insert the information into the assignment instructions box or insert a link to a page. If you will be inserting a link to a page for each student, you would need to ensure that the Pages tab is not enabled in the course to prevent students from browsing all pages. 

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Hello! @CurtisPro 

Unfortunately, @tbirbeck is correct. Pages are only visible on the course level, and cannot be assigned to specific users. @crafte's Work-around would be best in this situation. You could the assignment, have it not count towards the final, and only Assign To the one student. 

Our guide for How do I assign an assignment to an individual student? Will walk you through this process. 

Please don't hesitate to reach back out with any other questions or concerns! 

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