Create an item bank in a new quiz so all teachers in course can see it without manually sharing

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I would like to create a question bank in new quizzes so that is accessible by all teachers in the course. Is this possible?  Whenever I try it always shows up under All Courses and I have to manually share the questions banks to each teacher.  Is there a workaround that I am missing?

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Hello @ShawnHarahush 

Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with teachers sharing item banks with one another. By default, they should be able to do this without adding each other to their courses, exporting/importing, etc. When they open the item bank option, they can view theirs in the course -but the course has a dropdown option and one of them is institution. If the school gets versions  of these item banks and they should, then any teacher should be able to simply search institution for the title of the course.

Here is the Canvas guide: 

Hopefully this helps.

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