How do I manage item banks in New Quizzes?

You can manage your item banks within any quiz in New Quizzes. Item banks can be shared with other users in your account with a teacher, TA, or admin role. Sharing an item bank allows other users to view, edit, and use the item bank.

You can also open New Quizzes to manage item banks by creating a new quiz.

Open Item Banks

Open Item Banks

In Course Navigation, click the Item Banks link.


  • You can also access quizzes from the Assignments page.
  • You can also access Item Banks from the New Quizzes Build page.

View Item Banks

By default, the Item Banks page displays the This Course filter, which displays item banks shared with the course [1]. You can also select between viewing All Banks (all item banks created by or shared with the user and course), Institution Banks (item banks shared by your institution), and Banks Shared to Course (item banks shared with any courses in which you are enrolled).

To search for item banks, enter a search term in the Search field [2].

Each item bank includes the date it was last updated [3] and the number of questions [4].

To create a new item bank, click the Add Bank button [5].

Open Item Bank

To open an item bank, click the name of the item bank.

View Items

View the items in the item bank [1].

To search for an item, enter the search criteria in the Search field [2]. Search results will display items with matching results in question titles, question stems, and answer choices.

To filter search results, click the Add Filters button [3].

To share an item bank with the current course, click the Share with [current course name] checkbox [4]. Deselect the checkbox to unshare the item bank.

Note: You must have the correct permissions to share and unshare item banks.

View Search Filters

Search results can be filtered by tags or item type.

To filter results by tags, click the Tags and Metadata field and select a tag [1]. Selected tags will display in the Tags and Metadata field [2]. Tags can be created when editing an item bank item.

To filter results by item type, click the item type options you want to view [3].

Manage Items

To edit an item bank item, click the Edit icon [1]. To move or copy an item to another item bank, click the Copy icon [2]. To delete an item, click the Delete icon [3].

To return to your item bank, click the Item Banks link [4].

View Item Details

To view more details for an item, click the Open icon [1]. The details will include answer choices [2], the date and time the item was last updated [3], and any tags added to the item [4].

To close item details, click the Close icon [5].

Edit Item Bank

To edit an item bank, click the Edit icon.

Edit Item Bank Name

Edit Item Bank Name

To change the name of the item bank, enter the name in the Bank Name field [1]. To save the item bank name, click the Save Changes button [2].

Delete Item Bank

To delete an item bank, click Delete icon.

Confirm Deletion

Edit Item Bank Name

View the warning message for deleting item banks [1].

To delete the item bank, click the Delete button [2]. To keep the item bank, click the Cancel button [3].


  • Items added to a quiz individually are not removed from the quiz when the item bank is deleted. Question groups that use a random number of item bank items are not available after the item bank is deleted.
  • Once an item bank is deleted, it also loses its statistical link to reports.