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Creating a Home Page with Student's Grades

I am looking to make my home page look like this, but without the double navigation columns.


Help please

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Grades is not an Option for the home page.   The image below shows the options for the home page:

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 5.06.33 PM.png


You must have the other two navigation:  one is the Global Navigation which gives users access to their Account, Inbox, Calendar, etc.  The inner navigation is the Course Navigation so students can access the content.  



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Why has this been accepted as a solution?  How is this a solution to my problem?  I know how to eliminate the Course Navigation.  THAT is not my issue.  Notice that there are two Global Navigation bars and two Course Navigation bars.  (See the red boxes.)


I want my kids to be able to review their grades ON the Home Page.  Is there a script using an API that will allow me to put a progress report of some kind where I have grades now?

I am a pretty good HTML programmer.  I just need help accessing the data.

Hi @sk00ter96 

@Hildi_Pardo  response was marked as the solution, because the information was accurate. Grades cannot be assigned as the Home page in Canvas Classrooms. I am not sure how you forced it for your images, but I suspect that the home page is just an image (screen capture) posted on a Canvas page that you then tried to set as a home page; otherwise, you used the Redirect tool (or similar app) to try to force grades to be home page. It is obvious from your screenshots why this doesn't work - the double menu bars. Not ideal!

So the correct solution is that you cannot do this! I am not sure why you would want to, when your students can just as easily click Grades to view their grades, and click Home to return Home. Personally, I think it's a bad idea to have a student's grade pop up the second he opens a course, there is just too much potential for someone other than the student to see their grades.

However, you could create a new Idea Conversation for this functionality in this community.

Good luck,


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I am working on the solution on my own.  The answer someone keeps marking as the solution is NOT a solution.  It is a COMPLETE misunderstanding of the situation.  Please see my post above.

The way to do this is to use API data to construct a progress report within the page.  I will post the code when I complete it.

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I did not ask if grades could be a part of my homepage by default.  That is obvious.  I asked if there is a way to get them to show up as a progress report or similar.  I was hoping for someone that would know some code to parse through API data to build a report in the location specified.

Pointing out the obvious did not help.  Yes the answer was accurate information, but it was not a solution to the issue I presented.

2 + 2 = 4, but that does not help me if I am asking what 9 x 9 is.

As I already stated, I am working on a solution to my issue with API data from my classes, which we all have access to, and database driven table creation to allow for scores and grades to be listed in my desired location.  Hopefully, this will help others that have a similar desire.

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Nothing was "forced."  Simple HTML code.  Which is what I was asking for help with when I posted the question.

The "correct solution" is that it can be done through HTML code.  The reason I "would want to" is very important to me, my students, and, most importantly, to their parents.  I had a fairly lengthy explanation of that importance, but frankly, you don't need an explanation.  It is something I need to do and there is a solution.  

Is there some issue with a question staying open?  Do people get some kind of recognition or bonus for "solving" an issue?  Is it wrong of me to expect to be able to say for myself if my issue was resolved?  I have never been on a board where someone other than the person with the issue picks the solution.  Weird!?!?

FYI, the solution is coming, in large part, from API information directly from the canvas.instructure site.  Hard to find, but very useful.  It will also allow for other cool functionality within an instructor's scope.

Sorry if I seem belligerent, but when looking for solutions it is very frustrating to have someone tell me multiple times that my issue is resolved.  It feels very much like, "Sit down and shut up!!  Your question was answered.  Besides, you are trying to do something stupid anyway."  It would have been nice for someone to ask for clarification instead of shutting me down.  I truly hope that this is not how issues are resolved on a regular basis.