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I'm seeing some cases where the date picker (for an Assignment, for example) is displaying the year 202 instead of 2022 (image attached). According to Wikipedia, 202 A.D. is the Year of the Consulship of Severus and Antoninus, but that doesn't help with scheduling assignments in the year 2022.

Any idea why the year would display this way? 2022 shows correctly in all "Course Details" information.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this, and let me know if I need to provide any additional info.

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@roedelt -

That is quite interesting.  Have you tried to save the assignment with that date?  I am just curious if it is the value held or the display that has the issue.  If it is the value, then you will get a pop up about it not being a valid date for the course.  I am not seeing it, so it must be something within your instance of Canvas.  Just in the off chance, your computer does not think it is 202 does it?


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