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Is it possible to hide, with the layout tools or with HTML, certain parts of a page so that students can't see it yet. 

I want to be able to create a page and keep certain parts, which are not yet final for viewing, hidden to continue working on later. I could, as a work-around, keep this parts in another page which is not online. But with multiple pages, where certain parts are in progress, this can become complicated.

If this is not a feature, maybe it's worth adding ?

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@frederik_vangom -

Yes.  go into the html view mode.  at the point where you want to hide content, use the html comment start of <!-- then at the end of the area use --> to stop the comment.  This will keep the information from displaying.  Of course the students could always look at the page content in their browser and see the information that way (if they were so inclined or curious enough).


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