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Delayed Posting in Announcements

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If an instructor delayed posting on an announcement last academic year for January 1, 2020…

·         Will it still send on January 1, 2020?

·         If so, who would receive it?


Since we do want to keep the announcement as part of the course shell for AY18-19, is there anything I need to do to make sure that the announcement is not lost and does not get sent. Also the course is tied to term which already ended in June 2019. 

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 @rakshitha_rajan ‌, in your example, it will NOT post.  For announcements to go out there are two conditions.  First, the course must be published and second it must be in an active term.  You can switch the term date on just that class and then everything should play nice (assuming the course is still published).

Hope that helps!


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