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I accidently deleted the list of upcoming assignments from my online Philosophy class. How can I get them back??



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@VickiGallagher ...

If you are an instructor, you can try the "undelete" trick that @JensRohleder has suggested.  There's not guarantee that you'll be able to restore those upcoming assignments to your course, but it's worth a shot.  You can find out more about this by checking out this blog post:

Undeleting things in Canvas

Also, if you are an instructor, if the "undelete" trick didn't work, and if you haven't had any student submissions to those assignments, you could try logging in to either your school's "test" or "beta" environment.  These are two separate Canvas environments that you'd have access to aside from the normal "production" environment that you typically log into on a daily basis.  If you do access either of these environments, just be sure that you log out before logging back in to your school's normal "production" environment (again, this is the Canvas environment you normally sign into).

Once you are in either of these environments, you could go to your course, and hopefully those assignments would be there.  You'd probably need to copy paste content from the "test" or "beta" environment back to your "production" environment course, but that shouldn't take too long.

I hope one of these options might work for you.  Good luck!

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