Deleting an outcome in a rubric

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Is anyone else having trouble deleting the default outcome in a rubric? It was working fine last week. Today the trash can is not there

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@PaulaJenson -

I am assuming you mean the default criteria.  I just checked it out, and I am seeing what you are when creating a new rubric.  I checked an existing one and went into edit and the trash can was there to delete.  I then went back to the new one and edited it and the trash can appeared.  

What I found is create the rubric, click on update rubric and then reload the rubric page and then go into edit mode for the new rubric to see the trash can.


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I received a message from Instructure Support regarding the issues with outcomes / rubrics in Canvas. Please see the message below. It appears a fix is just around the corner:


Your Canvas case 10662810 has been updated with a new message.

Hello, Our engineers have created a fix that has passed initial QA testing. The next step is for this fix to be deployed to our Beta environment, where it will be available for Teachers and other Administrators to test, and to ensure it is working properly before it will be added to our live Production environment. We will provide another update once the fix has been applied to the Beta environment, or if there are any other changes to its status. This ticket will remain in an "On-Hold" status at this time. We appreciate your patience throughout the process of testing and implementing a fix for this issue - if you have any questions about this message or the status of this fix, please feel free to contact Support. Keep Learning! Support Panda Notifier of Things


Canvas Support

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