Deleting saved comments from rubrics

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As many of you know, Canvas has an option to save a rubric comment for later. I had an instructor ask about deleting those comments later. Here's the scenario she is particularly concerned about:

The department has a course that is taught my multiple instructors each semester. The lead instructor wants to use her course as the "master shell." However, she doesn't want her saved rubric comments transferring to each instructor.

Does anyone know how to delete saved rubric comments?

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Instructure Alumni

Hello sethgurell​ - Have you come up with a plausible solution yet?

I suppose it's too late for this but it might have been best to create that master course as its own shell, then create a duplicate/copy it for all instructors who will be teaching the course. This way, no grading would have occurred and therefore, no rubric comments would be passed on. Hopefully this, and/or Stefanie's suggestion will help someone else before they get to the situation you have described here.

At this point it might make sense for you to propose a Canvas Feature Ideas​ and see how this is affecting the rest of the Canvas Community.

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