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Departmental solution for scheduling student exams

Hello, I'm advising a department looking to use this tool as a departmental solution to let student across multiple courses and sections schedule their own exam times in the lab (which will be room specific).

How would we achieve this? Does the lab coordinator need to be added to each section as an instructor or GTA? We also need to be able to print appointment times for the day. Is that possible to export this data?

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Hi @DanielCohen 

I am sorry that your question went so long without an answer. I am not sure as to what tool you are referring to. Are you referring to using Canvas in general, or a specific tool within Canvas? 

There is the option for teachers to use scheduler appointments to make time slots that students can sign up for. There is not a method for downloading those sign ups though. If you have someone that is going to be facilitating a test that students are taking in person through Canvas, you would want them to be listed as a teacher in the course that the students are enrolled in, or have access via account permissions.