Different questions on different quizzes from same question bank?

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Is there a way to use the same test bank for more than one test, but force it to use different questions for the different tests, from the same test bank? I'm breaking a chapter up into three sections, so I need three different tests from the same test bank, but with different questions from it.

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Community Coach

Hi there @DrKaseyDurbin! Automatically, no, there is not, but you can do it manually. Assuming that you are using Classic Quizzes:

  • Where you add your questions, choose the Find Questions option toward the bottom
  • Select all the questions that you want from your question bank to be pulled from
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list of questions and under "Add questions to the question group:" choose "[Create Group]"
  • Give the question group a name, tell it how many questions to grab from that group, how many points per question, then click Create Group
  • Click Add Questions and be amazed!

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