Different start times but same overall time for quizzes

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Can I set up a timed online submission, eg for an MCQ exam in Canvas so that students only have a set period of time (eg 2hrs) to complete their submissions starting from the time they actually start within say an overall  24 hour period?

So can individual students  start at different times within the 24hrs but all get 2 hours ( but a different 2 hours) from when they start?

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 @j_smart2 ‌,

Hello! And YES to all of this. I have included some links below to documents that you may find helpful. You can create your exam within the 'Quizzes' feature in Canvas. As part of the features in 'Quizzes' you can allow a specific amount of time that students will have to take the exam, it will begin counting when a student begins the assessment. You can also set a start date and end date for the assessment, including times within those dates. For example, students would not be able to open the exam/begin the assessment until 7AM on Tuesday, March 31. Other great features include the ability to provide an access code that students would need to enter to begin the exam and only showing one question at time--I find this option helps reduce some of that overwhelming feeling on an assessment. Be sure to check out the links below and let us know if you have any further questions. 

How do I create a quiz with individual questions? 

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