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Differentiated Assignments for Groups of Students

Is it possible to assign different version of assignments to individual student without having to enter each student's name manually?  I have 21 students who need modified assignments and 160 that do not and don't want to manually enter each name each time I assign both a modified and non-modified version of an assignment.

I have previously used Schoology which allowed me to pre-set groups that then sent assigned version to the individual in that group.  

I want to be able to assign modified work privately and not let students see who is or is not in a modified or grade level assignment groups.    Suggestions welcome.

If no solution, Canvas: can this be a feature you would considering adding? 


Anne (SS teacher with 181 kids online!)

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I saw that a similar case was asked about back in 2015. This is so needed!

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Why does Canvas have the mojo of government agency?


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Has there been any word about this? I have the same type of situation--students had the option to chose from 2 "Active Reading" assignments, and I don't want to go through and add/subtract 350 students from each of the almost 25 assignments. (that's about 3 hours of checking and unchecking boxes). I also don't want to go through and exclude grades for each student depending on their various assignments. (that's about 1.5 hours of checking boxes)