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Disable "link to url" from Quiz?

Hi all - is there any way to disable the options in a short answer text box from a Quiz? I don't want students to be able to upload url links or files to the short answer text box. 


Second, is there any way to allow students to use a "draw" tool in the text box? It seems that most have said no, there is not a way other than allowing students to upload "offline" documents (i.e. Word). 



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Hi @Dax75 

I can answer your first question. Other than using a third-party tool like the Respondus Lockdown Browser, there is no way to keep your students from using copy/paste in a textbox in Canvas. Respondus is an awesome tool, and you might want to check it out. The fee is quite reasonable, and it is easy for both teachers and students to use.

I believe that if students are using the Canvas Student App to access Canvas, rather than a browser, they can use a drawing tool if their device supports this. I have no experience with the Canvas Student app, so cannot verify this.  Hopefully, someone with experience will chime in. You might also want to check the...........

My quick search found nothing useful, though.

Good luck,


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