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Disabling Canvas Inbox

I know this question has been asked before (by many people), but I truly do not understand why Canvas Inbox can't be disabled. I *fully* understand that messages can be forwarded to my email but that doesn't solve the basic issues. I have SO many messages to deal with, and having one more system (even if it's forwarded) adds unnecessary work. (Note: The subject line of forwarded messages state that I've been sent a message, so I have no idea what the message is actually about.) Additionally -- and this is important -- students use very casual language, often with poor grammar, unreasonable demands, and 'text speak' with Canvas Inbox that they don't use via email. Despite my constant reminders in my syllabus and announcements, I've gotten to the point of simply not responding to messages sent from Canvas Inbox. It's baffling that I can't disable it; it adds nothing and only creates problems. (Others in my department share my frustrations and also don't use it. Without question, it should be an option.)

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @KarlOswald ...

You may have seen other postings here in the Community that are related to turning off the Inbox within Canvas.  I would highly recommend that you reach out to your school's local Canvas administrator to have a discussion about this.  Your Canvas admin could then reach out to your assigned Customer Success Manager at Instructure to learn more about how the Canvas Inbox can be turned off.  This may be a setting that affects everyone at your school, or it might be able to be turned off per role type...I'm really not sure.  That would be a discussion your Canvas admin would have to have...because it could affect a large number of people at your school (students and instructors).  Also, while the Inbox may be something that is not helpful for you and for others, it may be useful to a different set of folks at your these are all things to keep in mind as you have these discussions.

I hope this information will be of some help to you.  Good luck with your conversations.

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While I have always had the same issue/concern re: disabling Inbox since my first days with Canvas, your well-meaning reply characterizes another  significant foible (my opinion) with Canvas Help.....Instructure, Inc. has an inflexible, algorithm-based "Help" community, and related "Help" functions.  Voting up and down, submitting ideas, even things to, "keep in mind as (we) have discussions (about troubleshooting)."  I find Instructure, Inc.'s entrenched approach to "Help" untenable for my regular use.  Most efficient for me is to figure out my own work-arounds, and avoid Canvas "Help" altogether.  With five courses per-semester and 150-200 students per-semester, I do not have the luxury of time to vote issues up & down, propose ideas for improvement, and hope that my issue/question will make its way into Instructure, Inc.'s "Help" algorithms.