Discuss my Term Plans Week1 and Week 2 Plans were submitted within the time frame for HLTH9001

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Dr. Feldman,

Term Plan 1 &2 because my Chair Dr. Feldman saying they're missing. Similarly,

 I sent my update request for IRB  on 6/11/2023 and was told they received it and I would receive a response in ten day  supposedly 6/21/2023, However, I have yet to receive any information.

McCullough, E.6/27/2023


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Community Coach

Hi @ElletonMccullou,

You may not realize it, but you posted this to the global community of Canvas users.  I am fairly sure that you intended to send this to your teacher directly or perhaps post it in a discussion in one of your courses.  Your teacher is unlikely to see the post here, so I would encourage you to reach out to your teacher directly via whatever method you have available (email, Canvas inbox, etc) or at minimum post it to your course's Canvas site.


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