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Discussion Assignment displaying to students as "missing"

I assigned a graded discussion as an assignment. Students post and respond to another students' post. I can see their posts and responses on my end, and I'm now in the process of grading. But students are panicking because Canvas is showing "Missing" on their grades. I pasted in a shot of what they are seeing, using the Test Student's record as an example. I assume this has to do with how I set up the assignment, and I'd like to know what I need to change next time. Any ideas would be helpful! 


337015_Screenshot (38).png

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Hi  @leslie_irvine  - Actually, a bit more information about how the assignment was set up may be needed here. But based on your screen capture, I assume that:

  • This was a graded discussion that was set to 0 points
  • You graded this as complete/incomplete

Does that sound right?  I did a test in a sample course site of mine where students replied to my discussion prompt.  Those that replied definitely did not see a Missing label in their view of grades.  Those that did not reply did.  However, even if they replied late, that Missing label immediately got replaced by a Late label.  Whether it was ever graded or not did not make a difference.  I'll point out that this was all done without a Late Policy, but that is somewhat immaterial, since the gradebook displays that Missing label even without a Late Policy.

Frankly, what you are seeing should not be happening.  For any type of online assignment, once a student submits something that Missing label should disappear.

I'm a bit confused with your wording, however.  You called this Assignment 1 in your screen capture, but you also called this a discussion.  Are you 100% positive that you created only a graded discussion and did not also, perhaps, create a separate assignment along the way?  I ask this only because I have seen faculty at my own institution do this....basically create both. 

So, either it may be time to report this to Canvas or...if you could...share a screen capture of the way your assignment was setup.  But right now, I, at least, cannot replicate this issue with a sample class.

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I did call this graded discussion Assignment 1, Ken, so I'll nose around further and see if I can pinpoint the problem based on that. Thank you. I'll send a screen shot of further questions.