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Can you please help me figure out the best way in Canvas to do what I want to do?

I have 3 groups who are each creating a presentation and submitting it to me in Canvas (as a group assignment) for a grade (which I know how to grade, as a group or individual).
I also want to set up a Discussion assignment perhaps, where other students from the other groups watch the presentations and comment. However, I want the responses/comments to be individual, for individual grades. (I want the students to learn the information from their classmates' presentations.)
Is a Discussion assignment the best way to do this? If so, how do I do this? Should I post the instructions as I usually do, and then post 3 separate "Replies" to my own Discussion, and post one video in each Reply? That way, students respond to the two video posts of the videos they have not seen?
I want students to view and respond to the videos from the other groups (for an individual grade for each student).
Will this work? Is this the best way? Or is there a better way? 
Thank you
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I would set up three separate Discussions. For example:

Blue Team Presentation - watch and respond

Red Team Presentation - watch and respond

Green Team Presentation - watch and respond

I think that your students will end up very confused if there is just one Discussion with three videos embedded in it. That set-up is too complicated, and a lot of students will end up responding to just one of the videos.  

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