Discussion Notification Emails work in one course, but not another - why?

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As an admin, I can't figure out why I am getting notifications when a new discussion thread is started in one course, and not another, when the settings look identical to me. Can anyone point me in the right direction? It must be something very simple that I just don't know.

Email notifications work with this course:
crash course settings.png

But I'm not receiving notifications via email for this course:
Author Illustrator Course settings.png

All are under the same profile and settings. I'd appreciate any help!

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Thanks for your comment. As I suspected, it was my fault. I misunderstood the notification settings for "Discussion Post". I thought that if I checked the box to get notified immediately, I would get an email everytime someone posted. I didn't see the small print that it was only for discussions that I subscribed to. We're all set now! I appreciate this community!

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